About us

We are a small family-owned and operated farm in Southeast Texas raising Honey Bees, Chickens, Cattle, Geese, and Ducks. We strive to be as sustainable as possible by growing a garden, making soap, collecting eggs from our chickens, and enjoying grass-fed beef from our cattle. Now we have the added benefit of our own honey thanks to the hard working bees. It is our quest to help save the Honey Bees today so that we can secure the future, without them our civilization may cease to exist.
Once upon a time we raised Nubian Dairy Goats, ran a Grade A Dairy and produced artesian cheeses, yogurt, raw goat milk, and handmade soaps. Every weekend was spent at farmer markets and many times we would split up to attend more than one to sell our wares. Over time, as our four children grew, we realized that the goats were consuming our lives and we were missing out on some much needed quality family time. We sold the goats in January of 2012 and began spending more time together as a family. Fast forward to late 2014…we started hearing about Honey Bees and how their existence was on the decline. We felt compelled to “do something”! Research began on how to get started; we joined the Montgomery County Beekeepers Association then purchased two hives. Every day we learn something new which provides us with even more motivation to continue our life as beekeepers. As we learn we hope to give back to the beekeeper community by helping others. We have attended conferences and taken this knowledge back to our local association, where we have given classes.

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Because we are a small family run operation, we have the opportunity to do everything “right” without the pressure of shareholders demanding profits! While our facility is not required to be inspected by the Texas Department of Health Services, our honey house was our commercial kitchen when we had the dairy, so it would easily pass inspection. This means that the honey we provide is clean, natural and healthy. Our bees have a variety of natural nectar and pollen sources available on our farm, in addition to the wildflowers we have planted specifically for them. We personally care for our bees, keep their equipment in top shape, and bottle our honey to ensure that the products we provide are something to be proud of.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We welcome and encourage your feedback or suggestions. Send us an email, connect with us on Facebook or give us a call. Interested in beekeeping? We would love to chat with you about how you can get started.